Let’s get together and Play!

That’s the basic idea. Provide a friendly meeting point for Angoleiros and Angoleiras in Cambridgeshire to train; focus on music and movements, while having fun developing general body control and interactive skills.

Our sessions are open to all; just bring a good mood, a lot of energy and willingness to participate. Everybody contributes! The classes will usually start with playing capoeira instruments and singing, followed by individual and paired movement practice. We end each class with a roda (ho•daa).

A capoeira game / jogo is played to music within a circle called a roda, the music and dimensions of the roda vary depending on game. The roda is formed by numerous, observing capoeiristas (capoeira players) who await their turn to perform capoeira and play one of the musical instruments that are vital to the capoeira game, whilst also participating in the game by singing in time with the musical instruments.

The three main instruments are the Berimbau (a musical bow), Atabaque (conga like drum), and Pandeiro (tambourine). Other instruments include the Agogô (double bells) and the Reco-reco (musical scraper).

The capoeiristas within the roda follow the rhythm played by the percussive instruments; improvise sequences and create endless combinations of fluid, circular movements. The capoeiristas create a dialogue questioning each others space and fight the laws of gravity with acrobatic cartwheels, feline jumps, clever tricks and theatrical flourishes.